Cloth Nappies for Charity aims to provide all families in our communities the opportunity to use cloth nappies for their child/children. For many people cloth Nappies are out of reach due to the initial expense to begin with but it is hoped we can ease that burden by providing a free loan to those in difficult circumstances. Situations may include and are not limited to this list, unemployment, low income, low socioeconomic status, displacement, domestic violence, natural disaster relief, adoption and fostering. Donations of nappies in good, useable condition are always welcome and make up the loan packages in order to keep them free to families.

The idea to start Cloth Nappies for Charity cane to me one day as I was hanging nappies on the line. At the time the Nappy Collective had recently started and were doing a nappy drive for disposable nappies and I wondered if there was anything available like this for cloth Nappies for those in our local communities. I was aware of charities that collected and sent the nappies overseas but nothing in our local area. Being part of the cloth world for a fair few years at this stage I decided to put my idea into action. In July 2016 I opened a Go Fund Me account and the Cloth Nappies for Charity Facebook page. In January 2017 our first website was developed making it easier to keep track of applications. Currently I receive all donations and distribute them to applicants on my own with postage cost coming from my own personal income. As we grow I plan to form drop off and pick up locations around the country.

We are able to send nappy packages around Australia to applicants and organisations that request.

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