If you would like to use cloth nappies with your child/children and are currently experiencing hardship, fostering or adopting please fill in this form to get a package tailor made for you. Please note at this stage we can only assist families within Australia.

All loans are free of charge and available depending on circumstances. Cases will be assessed on a case to case basis and terms given once applications approved.

Emergency full time and part time loans are available for those who are in desperate needs due to disasters, displacement or other urgent needs.

Short term loans are for those who just need to use the nappies for a short period of time until they are in a better financial or other situation. Nappies will be returned at the end of this loan.

Temporary loans are similar to short term but can be arranged for a longer period of time or for those who are trying to make a new life for themselves.

Long term loans are for those in the most need that would benefit from having the nappies as long as they are needed. These can then either be returned or kept depending on the agreement entered into.

Full time packages are if you would like to use cloth all the time.

Part time packages are if you only want to use some of the time along with disposables.